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All students’ disability-related documentation is confidential and stored in a secure file in the Office of Accessibility Resources on each campus. Students reserve the right to determine whether they wish to disclose their disability to the Office of Accessibility Resources, faculty, or staff. If they would like to utilize their disability-related accommodations, students are responsible for notifying their instructors by providing them with copies of their accommodation letters. If a situation arises that constitutes a legitimate need to know, however, students will need to sign a release form giving the Office of Accessibility Resources permission to discuss their accommodations with College faculty, staff, administration and others.

Information will only be released to individuals, colleges or agencies outside the college with written consent of the student or when federal or state law requires it. Students must complete the Student Authorization Form to Release Information when requesting the Office of Accessibility Resources to release their disability-related information.

All student files will be kept for seven years after the last date of attendance and then disposed of in a secure manner.