STRATEGIC PLAN: Charting a New Path in a Collaborative World

2022-2025 Strategic Plan for 91

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Cayuga is pleased to present “Cayuga Unbound — Charting a New Path in a Collaborative World,” the strategic plan to guide 91 through 2025.

“Cayuga Unbound” represents years of effort from members of our college community, with the President’s Council dedicating the past year to finalizing the new strategic plan now before you. This invaluable collaborative attitude is essential to our culture of shared governance and accountability for the future of our institution.

The title signifies our intention to approach the next three years boldly, without recognizing limits on what our institution can accomplish. Across three Strategic Focus Areas and six goals, “Cayuga Unbound” states our plan to reaffirm our presence and demonstrate our contributions to the Central New York higher education and workforce communities. We recognize this means evolving on multiple levels and an even stronger investment in our workforce partnerships for the good of our students and our communities. We welcome these changes and the opportunities they present.